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Southern Oregon University Faculty

The online MBA faculty at Southern Oregon University are connected, experienced, and highly respected within their respective fields. Here’s your opportunity to meet these supportive industry veterans who are committed to guiding you as you earn your degree.

Business Faculty

Sara J. Adams
Senior Instructor

"I started teaching because I was so heavily impacted by the accounting faculty at SOU when I was earning my undergraduate degree. My professors helped me get to a place in my education and career that I hadn't thought I was capable of. I wanted to have that impact on students."

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Peter Angstadt - SOU Faculty
Dr. Peter Angstadt
Adjunct Professor

"The content area will provide the foundation for additional, lifelong learning. The class is the beginning of a great adventure."

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Daniel Clark - SOU Faculty
Daniel Clark
Senior Instructor I

"An MBA degree enables opportunities and challenges that might not otherwise be available."

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Dennis Slattery - SOU Faculty
Dennis Slattery
Associate Professor

"I want them to learn how to learn. To think critically about numbers, not just take them at face value. How to use numbers to manage the enterprise."

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Dr. Christina Hui Ding, Assistant Professor at SOU
Dr. Christina Hui Ding
Assistant Professor

“My teaching philosophy is to enjoy learning and foster interactive and active learning in the classroom. I want my students to learn the knowledge they need and apply it to their work and life.”

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Joan McBee - SOU Faculty
Dr. Joan McBee

"I like helping people reach their goals, to not take things at face value, and to feed their curiosity. I like seeing people do more than they thought possible."

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Trish Styer - SOU Faculty
Dr. Patricia Styer
Assistant Professor

"Our MBA students bring a wide range of valuable experience to this multidisciplinary field. I want each one of them to get better at something they already do well, and to learn at least one new skill that will substantially impact how they plan, implement, and evaluate projects."

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Rene Ordonez - SOU Faculty
Dr. René Leo E. Ordoñez
Professor and MBA Coordinator

"Online courses are more challenging than their on-ground counterparts. To be successful in an online program, one should exercise good time management and keep a realistic workload. Hard work is key."

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Kristin Hocevar
Dr. Kristin Hocever
Assistant Professor

“My courses cover a range of relevant topics, from issues like communicating with patients and families to some of the challenges that healthcare organizations might face, such as employee burnout and communicating in a crisis.”

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John Kaegi - SOU Faculty
R. John Kaegi
Adjunct Instructor

"While college students learn 'how' and 'what,' MBA students gain deeper insight into 'why' systems and economies work the way they do and how to use more analytic and evaluative tools to apply the 'why' to their business circumstances."

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Rebecca Williams

"An MBA is the basis to run a business with knowledge of best practices useful in managing a business and people."

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Rattophan Wuthisatian - SOU Faculty
Dr. Rattaphon Wuthisatian
Associate Professor

"As a teacher, I would like my students to take away a complete and well-organized body of knowledge in economics and finance, the ability to reason constructively through a sequence of logical steps, and the capability to translate theory into real-world practice."

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Education Faculty

Roni Adams - SOU Faculty
Dr. Roni Adams

"Keep your goal in mind as you build the organizational and time management skills to make the most of your learning opportunities. Develop your capacities for persistence and resilience to achieve the outcome of your dreams!"

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Mark Ahalt - SOU Faculty
Mark Ahalt

"Whether [this program] is taken after you have had some teaching experience or at the start of your teaching adventure, you will automatically become more reflective and intentional, which will increase your satisfaction and your effectiveness."

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Amy Belcastro - SOU Faculty
Dr. Amy Belcastro

"A master's degree provides opportunities to advance into careers realized and unknown, networking with a wide variety of people, and self-discovery."

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Amanda Casto - SOU Faculty
Amanda Casto

"I believe that any level of advanced learning or degrees in education is invaluable for a teacher to reach their full potential."

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Susan Faller - SOU Faculty
Susan Faller

"In line with my own success as an educator, I want my adult learners to come away from my classes self-motivated and curious. They cannot learn enough in just one short offering, but perhaps they can see some avenues to pursue further in their own future work or educational program."

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SOU Faculty
Benjamin Lucas Garcia
Education Coordinator (SO PBS)

"I consider my master's degree one of the best acquisitions of my lifetime, not just because it has opened a lot of doors for me, but most importantly it has challenged me to live up to the title of "Master" by continually striving to be a lifelong learner."

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Dennis Jablonski - SOU Faculty
Dr. Dennis Jablonski

"Understand that being in an online program affords tremendous flexibility to accommodate anyone's lifestyle and responsibilities, but one must be highly motivated and disciplined to do readings and assignments in a timely manner to gain the full benefits of graduate work."

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Jesse Longurst - SOU Faculty
Dr. Jesse Longhurst
Assistant Professor

"I want my students to see the forces at work in the world of education and to be able to examine their causes. I want them to think creatively and pragmatically about solutions to education challenges."

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SOU Faculty
Paula Lynam

"I would encourage students to cultivate a personal connection to the study material, fully engage in the assignments while incorporating nature into their regular self-care and reflective practice."

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SOU Faculty
Dr. Megan Farnsworth Martinez
Associate Professor

"The field of special education is so rewarding. We need special educators and leaders in equity, diversity, and inclusion who can shift policy to achieve social justice."

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Gerry McMain - SOU Faculty
Dr. Gerry McCain

"Don't get frustrated – stick with it. It is sometimes difficult to be able to tell if you are progressing at the rate you might want. Stay on track and it will pay off in more ways than one."

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Vicki Purslow - SOU Faculty
Dr. Vicki Purslow
Professor of Music Education

"Thanks to improving methods of research, what was once fact is now known to be fiction. What I want students to learn is how to assess research findings to know if we are encountering fact or fiction."

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SOU Faculty
Sara Stearns-McWhorter

"The master's degree opened up opportunities that were not available to me without it. It validated all the years of work that I poured into the ECE world. It empowered me to become a leader in the field."

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SOU Faculty
Crystal Stroud

"In addition to career advancement, a master’s degree in education provides the opportunity for self-knowledge and the expansion of one's worldview."

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Rebecca Tree - SOU Faculty
Rebecca Tree

"It is my hope that students will first come eager to find deeper meaning in their own professional work and ready to contribute to thinking and questioning together."

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Jami Vener - SOU Faculty
Dr. Jamie Vener

"The need for health educators with diverse backgrounds is growing, and employment opportunities in a variety of sectors (hospitals, clinics, schools, government, corporate, and fitness) are burgeoning."

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SOU Faculty
Dr. Nigel Waterton
Assistant Professor

"I want my students to develop their content knowledge in ways that foster continued curiosity and investigation – that they may become models of impassioned learners."

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Younghee Kim - SOU Faculty
Dr. Younghee Kim

"Higher education is a life dream for many, and once determined, it is possible and never too late to come back to education. The MSEd online program is a viable option for those who couldn't have fulfilled their dreams otherwise."

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Healthcare Faculty

Kristin Hocevar
Dr. Kristin Hocever
Assistant Professor

“My courses cover a range of relevant topics, from issues like communicating with patients and families to some of the challenges that healthcare organizations might face, such as employee burnout and communicating in a crisis.”

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